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Donna Tente


Donna: Iím just moved by it. Iím moved every day thereís not a day that goes by that I donít feel that I am making a difference

And the big difference Donna Tente is making is bringing love, relief and help to hundreds of people in need as a full time volunteer at City Team Ministries in Chester, Pennsylvania. 

Judy: Good afternoon city team ministries.

Donna: It started as a little soup kitchen with a couple of planks and crates and they were serving meals and itís grown into an amazing organization where last year we did 6000 toys for children and 6000 turkeys for families with food boxes we have over 700 moms in our mom and baby program.

A mom and baby program run by Donna.

Donna: Primarily moms are coming in for necessities: hygiene products, diapers, formula, clothes for their children and shoes. We have a hospital right up the street so we get lots of new babies sent here Ďcause the moms are ready to go home with the baby and they donít have anything need.

Linda and Donna filling: ďWill you hold this while I fill it?Ē

Linda: Thank you 

Donna:  Youíre welcome.

Donna: I think thatís everything. If itís not check because Iím new at 

Donna: This is really a shelter. A menís homeless shelter and a recovery center, but we provide many things. Many of our moms come for meal in the evening 7 days a week 365 a year.

Linda: What made you leave your career in banking to volunteer at City Team?

Donna: I had a great job, people were wonderful, but there was always something missing in my life. Oh 18 years I went to work and no one ever said thank you for coming in today. You experienced it. You get hugs all the time from the kids and the moms are so pleased with how youíre helping them 

Donna to Mia: Say ďhello

Linda with Donna holding Mia: ďSay helloĒ 

Linda:  (Getting hug from girl.)

Donna: And theyíre so appreciative. They thank me every day for coming in for work.

Linda: Sheís a good hugger Ė youíre right!

Donna: I think my children have been vastly affected by what weíve done here. 

So effected that Donnaís husband and 3 children were willing to give up their own Christmas to help another family.

Donna: I found out Michelle and her family has not had a Christmas for 2 years. They had been homeless they lived in a motel for a while they didnít have a tree or presents or anything. My daughter didnít miss a beat. ďMom 17 perfect Christmases -- I want to make Michelleís family a perfect Christmas this year.Ē

And 3000 children will have the best Christmas ever because of Donna and her fellow volunteers. They are busy working round the clock to collect, wrap and distribute presents donated for the City Team Toy Drive. They are also raising money with an angel designed from a construction paper ornament made last Christmas by Tinesha when her family had no tree and no home of their own.

Linda: You do look like her. 

Linda: It must be hard for you to leave this when you go home at night

Donna: That is my biggest challenge 

Linda: What is this here? 

Girl: When we receive something here we take good care of it. When weíre done we bring it back in good condition so other families can use it.

Linda: What do you think is the common denominator of why people need to come to City team?

Donna: Most of our families are working minimum wage jobs so at the end of the month there is no money left for extras so things like a warm coat for the cold weather or toys for Christmas or those diapers that you need. Every thing we get is donated is donated goods. 

So Donna spends her weekends off speaking at churches and gatherings to make sure the donations keep coming in.

Donna (off camera at her desk) Are we going to make it with diapers with this week?
Weíre constantly in need of strollers, cribs, and car seats. Lots of our babies are sleeping on the floor. I have one family now where 5 children in one bed they donít have any beds. Itís a challenge. If you ask what my biggest challenge is itís never being able to fill all the needs out there.

Donna: If I feel that I have impacted one childís life than thatís what City Teamís done for me itís given me that opportunity. 

Chef Guys: This mom is a mom on the move!



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